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  • Handrails


    The importance of handrails is generally under the safety hazard defect. By using rails on stairs can stop people from having either minor or many times, major accidents. Stairs than don’t have rails can be dangerous for anyone, especially for children and elder people. Having a rail to support your stairs is now a legal requirement by law,…

  • Power Washing

    Power Washing

    Power Washing it is an important, inexpensive and vital maintenance task for your house. Maintain by power washing your driveway, sidewalk and siding and your house will stay clean and fresh for many years.

  •  GFCI Installation

     GFCI Installation

    GFCI should be installed in any potentially wet or damp area like bathrooms, kitchens, basement, garage, laundry, exterior and is responsible for saving the life of everyone present in a home by preventing Electrical shocks and electrocution which are a major risk that you can be exposed to through electrical devices at your home.

  • Benefits of a Home Inspection

    Benefits of a Home Inspection

    Home inspections can help you identify essential problems in a home, including the nature and extent of the defects either if it is a major or minor defect. The importance of this critical step cannot be overstated, though it gives many advantages to the home buyers and sellers. For home sellers, an inspection can identify…

  • The Importance of Drone Inspections for Modern Homes

    The Importance of Drone Inspections for Modern Homes

    In today’s technologically advanced world, the use of drones in the home inspection industry has revolutionized the way we view properties. Drone inspections allow for a comprehensive and detailed look at areas often inaccessible or overlooked by traditional methods. Whether it’s checking out a roof’s condition, assessing hard-to-reach spots, or getting a bird’s eye view…

  • Radon Testing: An Essential Step in Home Safety

    Radon Testing: An Essential Step in Home Safety

    Many homeowners might not realize that radon, a colorless and odorless gas, can present significant health risks if found in high concentrations in homes. As the second leading cause of lung cancer, it’s essential to ensure our living spaces are free from this silent threat. Radon testing is a straightforward process, yet it plays a…

  • Uncovering the History with Lead-Based Paint Testing

    Uncovering the History with Lead-Based Paint Testing

    Homes with a rich history can be charming and attractive to many. However, properties built before the 1980s might hide a potentially harmful secret: lead-based paint. While its use was widespread in the past, we now understand the health risks associated with lead exposure, especially for young children. Lead-based paint testing is a non-invasive procedure…

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